Nitnem for Beginners

Below are 15min sessions for beginners.
Please make it a habbit to recite at least one session everyday.


Morning Prayers:
Day 1: Japji Sahib Part 1 ~15mins
Day 2: Japji Sahib Part 2 ~15mins
Day 3: Jaap Sahib Part 1 ~15mins
Day 4: Jaap Sahib Part 2 ~15mins
Day 5: Tav Parsad Sawyaa ~15mins
Day 6: Chaupai Sahib ~15mins
Day 7: Aanad Sahib ~15mins

Evening Prayers:
Day 8: Rehras Sahib Part 1 ~15mins
Day 9: Rehras Sahib Part 2 ~15mins

Nightly Prayer:
Day 10: Kirtan Sohila ~15mins

About Nitnem

Nitnem is a collection of banis that are to be read by the Sikhs everday. This site was created for beginners with the idea of reading along and learning. The 15min sessions are provided for optimal learning and retention. We hope our users can alocate 15 minutes a day and go through one session a day. Over time one's speed will increase and will be able to perform all morning prayers in about 45mins and evening prayers in about 30mins.

We hope you'll find these resources beneficial; please don't hesitate to share your thoughts.
Thank You


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